Grammarly the revolutionary app

We had been using a revolutionary app which has been making our grammar better than it used to be. It’s not a coincidence the name of the app we are talking about : .grammarly.com . Grammarly makes use of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in order to achieve such surprising results. As a result of […]


A brief introduction to Git

For those who have started programming Git might be a familiar term but not too sure what it it, what it does and how it works. Let’s get started with an excerpt from Wikipedia Git is a version control system for tracking changes in computer files and coordinating work on those files among multiple people. […]


Reducing eye strain with F.lux

You may have experienced that after using countless amount of hours a computer and /or cellphone your eyes get irritated. Not that we have something to prevent that from taking place but there is something that would make your computer screen look like your indoor lights (according to timezone and time ). We had been […]


A way to block ads before you download them

  Widely documented and with a single line of code, run this app that blocks ads even before they reach you. Claimed to work on any device and blocking 100 thousand Ad serving domains by blocking ads via DNS . It provides a neat web GUI and needs ideally 512mb of ram. From our experience […]


Chocolatey our featured app

It’s been a long time since our last post. This time we would like to share a handy way of making installs under Windows environments with simple commands just like some of our readers do with Visual Studio with Nuget extension. By the way this is how the aforementioned project describes themselves: Chocolatey is a […]


Hetzner expands to Finland

German Hosting company called Hetzner who owns datacenters in Germany (in Falkenstein and Nuremberg) and a third one in Johannesburg, South Africa, will now expand into Finland making use of their own fiber optic back hauling traffic in order to get cheaper bandwidth. Finland is very convenient given it’s location in which it will be […]


Vocore the Chinese Raspberry Pi

          Vocore is has the size of a coin and it’s origin can be traced back to China. and It’s first versions came out in 2013. With microSD , wifi incorporated and 32MB SDRAM it’s a good toy to fiddle with. Nice thing is it supports OpenWRT . Here we provide some pictures:


Open Source Email Client!

We’ve been pleased to see a very promising Open Source Email Client. It’s called Nylas N1 and it’s available in Github. Go get it. The only setback is for Windows users given it is not available for such platform right now but they are working to release it. Stay tuned! Website: https://www.nylas.com/    


LastPass Hacked

Authors of this blog received the following from a very useful extension: 6/16/2015:   Dear LastPass User, We wanted to alert you that, recently, our team discovered and immediately blocked suspicious activity on our network. No encrypted user vault data was taken, however other data, including email addresses and password reminders, was compromised. We are […]


Get pocket the definitive solution to manage your bookmarks online

If you are an average web surfer most likely you make use of bookmarks within your browser. What happens when your computer fails, you are in a different computer than your daily one or simply want to search for one of those saved websites you saved but you can’t recall it’s name. Well, with https://getpocket.com you can […]